Windows Wastelands: Q-Bob

Growing up, pretty much… let’s call it 40 percent, as a general estimate. of my gaming entertainment came from shareware. Shareware, for those of you youngins’ who don’t cling quite as desperately to the past like I do, was generally ware. That you share. Hence the name. More specifically, it was generally a demo version of a game that generally only had a small part of it avaiable, or might have had some extra features removed. However, you were free to share this cut-down version with as many people as you liked. Once you coughed up the cash, you would hopefully get the full, complete version of the game. That part, you weren’t supposed to share. A lot of times, this concept worked pretty well!

Doom, seen here being better than Alien Breed 3D.

Doom, seen here being better than Alien Breed 3D.

Other times… not quite as much.

Super Angelo, seen here more than likely fleeing in terror from Nintendo's lawyers.

Super Angelo, seen here more than likely fleeing in terror from Nintendo’s lawyers.

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Graham, Look Out!

Pictured: Every Sierra game ever made.

Hey, dudes! I’m going to be in a podcast later this month for Sierra’s King Quest 5, a terribly unfair adventure game where any possible chance of winning could be forever snatched from your grasp in a single move. It’s going to be a fun time. …I’m not even sure if I was being sarcastic there or not.

Check by Hardcore Gaming 101 around the end of the month to listen to it yourself. It’s a pretty cool site if you’re into obscure games, too. I’ve written a whole bunch of things for them, just check out any article written by Bobinator. You’ll even get a look at yet another terrible soda-based video game if you check out their Weeky Kusoge section!

…That means I don’t have to write about another advertisement game this week, right? Right?


So I started a blog

And immedaitely I ponder the many, many things this could go gorribly wrong. Maybe I’ll make one post in this and forget about it. Maybe this will just fade into obscurity, sandwiched firmly between the forgotten corners of the internet with Geocities and The Hamster Dance. Or maybe, just maybe… this’ll work out. Who knows? I sure don’t.

So, what do I do here? I write about whatever comes to mind. I’d like to focus on stuff from, as the title of the site suggest, the 1990’s. I may stray from time to time, going into more recent games and events, or just my own thoughts in general on various things. You know, like some kind of blog or something.