Weird & Awesome Comic Book Ads of 1995!

And so, a new year slowly begins to approach on us. Rather than consider this year and all its brought, let’s continue to discuss things from nearly two dedades ago and talk about how they’re superior to all other decades, no exceptions. Yes, this sounds like a good plan!

So, lately, what I’ve been doing is collecting ads from random comic books I’ve kept on my hard drive, pasting them to MSPaint, saving them, and then compressing the .pngs to make a collection of whatever advertisements I can find. The comics are OK, I suppose, but for me, it’s the ads that are the interesting part. They’re basically the perfect time capsule of the 90’s, and as you have hopefully figured out by now, that’s kind of my thing. The comics themselves aren’t really all that special, although I came across a Freakazoid/Animaniacs crossover, which I should probably properly document sometime.

Yep. The perfect time capsule.

Yep. The perfect time capsule.

So, here are some of the ads from the year 1995 I think are the most interesting, notable, or hilarious.

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