What is this blog?

The 90’s Time Machine is dedicated to showing off… well, whatever I feel like, really. The general focus is on gaming, although I might try a new subject every so often just to try something new. My only rule (which I break more often than I should), is that the subject in question has to come from the 90’s. Not 1989. 90’s. If it’s games that are particularly obscure or unheard of, that’s even better! I don’t really follow any particular theme besides that, so I’ll just stay on a topic until I get bored and decide to do something else.

I make no promises or guarantees to be good at what I play, or finish it. If I get enough requests for a particular game, I wouldn’t mind trying to finish it all the way through, possibly with save states, if I’m so allowed. I’m not trying to beat these games, just to show what makes them funny or interesting.

Tell us about yourself.

I was born in 1992, the point when the 80’s had finally, FINALLY rolled over and died, and the true 90’s were beginning for real. You know that awkward transition point with Vanilla Ice and Saved by the Bell and all that? Yeah, I missed all that. I grew up with a Super Nintendo, playing games like Street Fighter 2 (sometimes Turbo, sometimes not), Mortal Kombat, and Super Mario World. My taste in games has never strayed all too far from that, and I’ve always been big on action games. Never was good with strategy or sports, really.

Right now I’m a college student in his 20’s with probably entirely too much free time on his hands. When I’m not writing for the blog (which is often), I tend to game a lot. Most of it’s done through emulation, to be honest. If I had the spare cash for more consoles, I’d do that, but sadly, I do not. I also do some writing for Hardcore Gaming 101 every once in a while. The Mortal Kombat piece is my biggest work.

So, why the 90’s?

Because I was born in them. Next question!

All right, let me be serious here. Maybe it was because I was born in them, but I’ve always loved the 90’s. Maybe I’m a tad biased, but I feel for all its… quirks, the 90’s were the best decade, bar none. Best cartoons, best games… let me put it like this. You know what the 80’s had? The cold war. You know what the 90’s had? The internet. Bam.

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