Skunny: Save Our Pizzas

A couple of weeks ago, I went into a thing about a weird little Belgian platformer called Skunny: Back to the Forest. It was a terrible game made by people with an incredible lack of talent or sense. The thing is, though, they somehow went on to make five other games in this series, two more of which are platformers.

Next up, we’ve got Save Our Pizzas. Let’s have a look at the feature list. At least, the features not copied and pasted from the page for Back to the Forest.
* 256 color graphics painted by one of the best artists in the business. Business of what, I’m not sure.

* Interactive Springs/Catapults. Well, I’d hope they’d be interactive, or else they’d just be part of the background, wouldn’t they?

* Timer Bombs for blowing away those nasty, nasty sprites. Well, they’re right about the “nasty, nasty sprites” part.

* Bribes for getting through doors. I told you before, Copysoft, that’s not a feature, that’s a gameplay element. That’s like putting “health bars” as a feature of your fighting game.

* Secret Sections full of goodies. OK, so just like every platformer ever made.

And so, after starting the game, we get the usual “If you have problems, blah blah blah nobody needs this stuff anymore with DOSBox” screen, and the usual ugly Copysoft logo. After that, though…

So there’s this chef with eyebrows to rival Dr. Wily.

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