Jackie Chan: Fists Of Fire

So, lately, thinking back on it, I’ve been slipping a little on the whole ’90s’ part of the ’90’s Time Machine’. I mean, King of Chicago, as interesting as it was, was made in 1986. And the 90’s, in my book, didn’t even really get going until 1992. I intend to make up for this. I’m going to find a game so delightfully 90’s it’ll easy make up all the 80’s I subjected you to.

And what could this game be? Well… it’s a Mortal Kombat clone. Lots of synth guitars. A game made by the people who made those Chester Cheetah games. (Which, once I get back into the food game gimmick, I totally need to cover.)

Also, one little extra thing.

Damn it, Jackie, quit posing when I’m trying to take a photo of you.

That’s better, thank you.

That’s right, it’s a fighting game all about Jackie Chan. This ought to be good. Continue reading


King Of Chicago

Ah, Cinemaware. I never really knew a whole lot about them, and I never really played many of their games until I found out the magic of emulation. It seems like they were at their biggest in the 80’s, and, being a 90’s kid, as you can see by LOOKING AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN YOU MORON… well, I’m just a tad biased. Still, they did some pretty neat stuff for the time. Mostly, for inventing the concept of an ‘interactive movie’ when the closest thing to that was Dragon’s Lair.

And let’s be honest, here, this is really the only reason people actually played Dragon’s Lair. You know, for the smooth animation.

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