Things That Bug Me #1

So, instead of a game or something this post, I’m going to write about something that bothers me. Sounds fun, right? I’m glad you think so, too.

You know what doesn't suck, though? Google Images.

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Last Half Of Darkness

Ah, adventure games. They’ve existed for about as long as computer gaming has, they come in a variety of settings and themes, and of course, all kinds of qualities. You have your all time classics, your Monkey Islands, your Leisure Suit Larries. You have the obscure stuff you may haven’t touched, but still worth a look, like Blazing Dragons, and then you have your… well, anything that doesn’t belong to those first two categories, like Armeath The Lost Kingdom, or Les Manley. I’ll be getting into one of those some other time.

So, guess which category Last Half Of Darkness fits into. First two guesses don’t count.

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