Graham, Look Out!

Pictured: Every Sierra game ever made.

Hey, dudes! I’m going to be in a podcast later this month for Sierra’s King Quest 5, a terribly unfair adventure game where any possible chance of winning could be forever snatched from your grasp in a single move. It’s going to be a fun time. …I’m not even sure if I was being sarcastic there or not.

Check by Hardcore Gaming 101 around the end of the month to listen to it yourself. It’s a pretty cool site if you’re into obscure games, too. I’ve written a whole bunch of things for them, just check out any article written by Bobinator. You’ll even get a look at yet another terrible soda-based video game if you check out their Weeky Kusoge section!

…That means I don’t have to write about another advertisement game this week, right? Right?


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