Nintendo’s censorship is a tad spotty.

Lemmings. It’s a cute, cuddly game about a bunch of cute, cuddly creatures who have to find their way to the exit in cute, cuddly ways. Unless you get bored and decide to make them all explode. That’s neither very cute nor very cuddly.

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Tales From the Crypt

Horror, or rather, the concept of horror in general, has been around pretty much more or less forever. Starting off from folk stories, moving on to classic stories like Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which ended up becoming a movie nobody cared about, to a series of games nobody really cared about.

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So I started a blog

And immedaitely I ponder the many, many things this could go gorribly wrong. Maybe I’ll make one post in this and forget about it. Maybe this will just fade into obscurity, sandwiched firmly between the forgotten corners of the internet with Geocities and The Hamster Dance. Or maybe, just maybe… this’ll work out. Who knows? I sure don’t.

So, what do I do here? I write about whatever comes to mind. I’d like to focus on stuff from, as the title of the site suggest, the 1990’s. I may stray from time to time, going into more recent games and events, or just my own thoughts in general on various things. You know, like some kind of blog or something.